Friday, March 12, 2010

Not quite the recognition I was hoping for

So there are about 200 schools in our district. Our school was on the list of the 22 nastiest buildings from a public health point of view. The schools were inspected by state health inspectors and of all them 22, stuck out as the most offensive. This information was in one of our local papers and broadcast on local network news. I did not know about this distinction and was thrown off guard the other day when a parent had asked if I had read that morning's local paper. She wouldn't elaborate as to why I should but my curiosity was ignited. I found the paper after school and was horrified 1) by the title of the article and 2) to find a large picture of my school building in color on page 5. There were of course other schools on the list, but they show a picture of ours! Lovely!

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