Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Having a baby...

....from the point of view of some very funny 5 year old students.

As many of you know, I am expecting my first child in July ( wow, that is next month!) of this year. Time is going by both amazingly slow and unpredictably fast. I am still teaching and my last day will be this coming Friday. Anyway when I was maybe 6 months along, my students finally noticed and started asking questions about my changing body. Here are some highlights. Enjoy!

" Mrs. k1 teacher, are you the old lady who swallowed a fly? Your tummy keeps getting bigger and bigger..."

After seeing a strange looking bulge on one side, one of the students asked "Mrs. K1 teacher, is your baby wearing a hat?"

"Mrs K1 teacher, are you Mexican?" I said that I wasn't and then the follow up question was " Is your baby Mexican?" (While I have a very diverse classroom, none of my students this year are from Mexico and I we haven't read any stories recently that take place in Mexico so this was very much out of the blue)

"Does your baby kick you?" I replied,"Yes sometimes, but sometimes I think she is dancing". The student replied "Oh, well when she kicks you, she should have time out because she is not being safe. Hands and feet on your own body"

After returning from a forty minute lunch break, "Did your baby come at lunchtime?"

And every time they see me drinking water or having a small snack, "Is that for the baby?"

Some of them draw pictures and or write some words and hold them to my stomach, explaining to me carefully that they are showing their picture to the baby.

They have brightened the days with their inquisitiveness and comments and I have been reminded of why I love this age group so much.

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