Monday, April 27, 2009

Plants aren't the only things growing

Spring has spring. Warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine abound. Plants and flowers are sprouting up everywhere. My students are eager to point out flowers in the front of our school that are blooming now but were not blooming before our break. They look for signs of spring in our classroom and outside during recess.

Coming back after April vacation, I find myself and some of my colleagues re -energized. Super para, aka Ms. S, showed up earlier today than she typically does and she wasn't in her usual Monday fog. Teachers smiled at each other and talked animatedly about their vacation adventures. Skirt season is underway and the change of weather is energizing to me personally. I was practically waltzing around the classroom this morning as I set up materials before the students arrived.

And then there they were. Bright faces and smiles. Hugs for friends and teachers that they missed. And they too seemed to have grown. Some appeared taller. Others appeared more mature and less "babyish". I heard new vocabulary words in the tales of their vacation adventures. A new haircut made me realize how much one student's face has changed since the beginning of the year.

Welcome spring, welcome positive energy, welcome growth

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