Thursday, April 30, 2009

She-Ra I am not

I don't usually pay too much attention to my physical activity during my students' recess time. I make a point to be physically active and to participate in some playground games with them. After all, I want to model a healthy and active lifestyle. Many of my students would simply be content to sit outside. Many complain that they are tired after walking across the classroom. S0, I encourage them to be active whenever I can.

The weather was beautiful on Monday and I was eager to get the students outside. It seemed as if many of my students had been cooped up during the vacation week so I made an even greater than normal effort to physically engage them during recess. I was playing the classic game of red light light green light. One of my students was "it" and I was running along with the other kids. All of a sudden I was falling forward and trying to avoid falling into the student who was it. I like to think there was a small rock I tripped over, but try as I might, I was unable to find it. So I tried to break my fall and the result was crushing pain delivered quickly and intensely to my right wrist.

Called Dr. Mom, used a wrist splint, and kept going until yesterday when the pain was more intense. There was no getting around it, I needed to be get it checked even though I feel horribly guilty about missing a day of work so soon after vacation. Anyway, the doctor said I need to use the splint all day for the next several days, and that despite being in serious pain, I am lucky because it isn't broken.

At least I will get to tell my kids all about X rays and how they work...


  1. Wow, it kinda sucks to think that we aren't 13 and indestructable anymore, huh? Feel better soon, I know a good OT if you need one!;-)

  2. Even though you don't wear tight fiting armor and carry a sword, you are still an "all powerful defender of the universe"