Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mrs. K1 teacher goes on retreat

Over Columbus Day weekend, I had the opportunity to go on a retreat and renewal weekend at a yoga/ holistic health center in my state. I decided the week before the long weekend that I needed to do something for myself. I quickly checked my stash of unspent birthday and holiday cash and decided that I had enough to go.

Despite the relative expensive and spontaneous nature of my weekend plans, it was absolutely well worth it. I sat in hellish traffic on the turnpike for hours. Even though the traffic was stressful, my work related stresses were slipping away the further I went from work. I checked in found my room and rushed down to dinner. The food at this place is wonderful so I did not want to miss dinner. I took time to eat slowly and savor my food, which is hard for me when I eat alone.

Anyway the rest of the weekend was filled with long walks, many cups of tea, quiet moments, tons of yoga in many different forms and some shared meals with a good friend. The weekend was restorative and energizing and calming. It gave me space to think, or not think and helped me to connect with myself, my thoughts, and feelings. I also learned a lot of things through the workshops and yoga classes. I learned to recognize the energetic and alive feeling I get after I practice and I learned the importance of a daily yoga practice.

So all of this means that I am taking better care of myself and am feeling more centered, more balanced, which of and in itself makes me a better teacher. I am also bringing more yoga into the classroom. I am helping the children to increase their awareness of their own body and the many sensations in it. Simple activities like having the students stretch one hamstring and then pause before doing the other side so they notice the difference. One of the students said " It feels alive" Another student said "it is bigger ( than the other one). Not only is it beneficial to them, it also helps me to remember to reconnect with my own body and take that moment or two to breathe consciously and deeply.


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