Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Moments from the week

Here are a few notes from this past week at work:

This morning was a bright and beautiful fall morning. Leaves were twirling their way to the ground and the oldest students in our building were simply mesmerized and stood watching in wide eyed wonder.

The students in my classroom were trying to guess my first name. I told them it started with a 'T" and one of them guessed toothpaste.

When I discussed a student's recent challenging behavior with his parent, she backed me up 100%, and helped her child at home. (That hardly ever happens so it is cause for celebration) The child came to school today and verbally apologized for the aggressive behavior and handed me a "letter" of all things he was going to do that were helpful and productive to being in school.

The students enjoyed constructing and playing in the "bat cave" in our classroom

My para was out sick for two days and appears to be feeling better. I was so glad to see her when she returned.

Two of my students have been out with flu like symptoms most of the week. One of those kids came in yesterday quite obviously still sick. I sent him home and his mother seemed irate. I need to keep myself and the other students healthy AND when they are this young they truly do need to be at home when they are sick.

Our secretary came to school with a gigantic hat on. Bright red and the same size and shape as a UFO. She has been wearing it all day. It is hilarious!

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