Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It really wasn't Monday today?

It certainly felt like a Monday. For starters, all of my students were very hyper. One informed me that summer was officially here and that he was done. With school. Forever. Many seemed to have forgotten classroom rules and routines. I chuckled when I heard about some of their weekend adventures. I was amused at their definitions of an inch worm: "A worm that inches", "A worm with inches" We talked about an inch as a unit of measurement and some of them said " he inched on the floor" and the "inch worm inches".

Classroom stuff aside, the school was pretty intense today. One teacher still hasn't been given a lay off letter or a letter of reasonable assurance for next year. It is challenging and frustrating not to know where you will be next year so close to the end of the school year.

A child advocate and special education supervisor showed up unannounced to do observations on a child who is out sick. Their visit was canceled Thursday because the child went home sick. I hadn't heard from them and so assumed that I would hear from them when they rescheduled. If I had known that they were planning to come today, I would have called them once I realized that the student was absent.

The police were called to school today not once but twice. One teacher's laptop and personal cellphone were stolen in plain daylight in less than a five minute time period. A parent violated a restraining order and then became very agitated at school and was ultimately handcuffed.

Maybe that parent who told the child that it was summer had a good idea. Maybe we should adjust have vacation a little bit earlier this year. But thankfully, it IS Tuesday and not Monday.

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