Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting there

Checking off items, slowly, from the daunting to do list.

Here is what is done:
2 of the 8 narratives
The annual review report
In class observation has been scheduled
Letter written to parents requesting crab adoption
Summer packets are almost all assembled

(That is good for one day)

Here is what is left:
6 narratives
6 progress reports
gather necessary documentation for potential meeting for amendment to IEP
make end of year certificates for student
assemble and gather materials for student gift baskets

finish Ms. S' end of year present
help students rehearse for performance
pack up the entire classroom and lug personal belongings home ( to avoid theft)

clean basement to make space for personal belongings

Contrary to popular belief, I am not all that organized, or at least I don't feel that way. Writing it down doesn't mean I'm any better at the task or any closer to being able to do it, it just means that I can sleep at night without a gargantuan to- do list keeping me awake. It means I can cross things off the list, which brings about its own satisfaction. It means I can try to plan accordingly, and balance my time.

This is the first year that I remember feeling so much better at the beginning of the year then at the end. I know people get tired around the end of the school year and so I am not beating myself up too much. I feel really scattered and hoping it passes.

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